Wednesday, September 29, 2010

this week I have made

          This week I have been working on a pumpkin & tombstone coasters and 2 pumpkin hats- 1 for an infant and the other for a toddler.
          I am still working on my grandson's knitted quilt and my shell & ripple afghan! But I still have 1 1/2 years of scapbook pages to get together and a wolf puzzle that my hubby got me a couple of weeks agao!
          My doctor finally put me on some medicine that helps me get and stay asleep! It just took him 2 years to do that! He also fould a bulging disc in my lower back, but he does not want to operate on it until it gets worse! I don't see how much worse that it could get, except for me not being able to walk!
          It finally feels like fall here...70's during the day and tonight it's suppose to be 47! It feels so nice to be able to walk outside and not being hit in the face with heat and humidity! I thought that I left that crap in Florida!
          Bob & Eric (Weasel) might have fould us a 3 bedroom house 10 minutes away from where they work! I was getting worried about Bob crossing over the mountain on the goat path that the sate does not maintain at anytime of the year!

I am going to bed! They are suppose to be home around 3 am and I want to be asleep!