Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy to see this year gone!

See 2011 go!
In February I lost my dad...talked to him Tuesday night telling him that we will be seeing him that weekend in Florida....the next morning a blood vessel leaked into his brain and he past away. To tell you the truth I do not remember too much of the trip that Bob, Tim, & I made.
In august I lost my cousin which I just found again 4 years earlier....he past away in Florida....there was no service for him. He would call me each week and say, "Candy, this is Richard"
In September my sister flew up to here spent 5 days with us.....had a blast with her. Could not stand her when we were growing or into adulthood until our mother got sick with cancer again....been friends ever since.....then since our dad past away we are really close and best friends.....funny how things turned out! But when my sister flew home they found a blood clot in her more flying for her!
Then in October I lost my favorite uncle in Florida....I could not make the trip because I was having medical Dr said no trip!
On Christmas eve Bob, his family, & I got to baby sit Michael-our grandson....we had finger food and he had food in both hands. He did not even realize that Mom and Dad was gone for 2 hours! It was their 1st time of letting anyone watch him w/o mom or dad being there! We had a ball with him!
On Christmas day on our way back from NC (Bob's family and our oldest son) we hit a bump on the VA & WV state line and our exhaust talk to we had tell yell at each other! We get home and unloaded, we get a phone call from our oldest son William from the hospital our 19th old grandson had broken his leg. So, he's in a body cast for 4 to 6 weeks! He is NOT a happy camper!
Then this week the 28th I lost my male Pomeranian...Scooter Pooter Scrappy Doo Goode Plotts...that was the name of him on his paperwork. He usually escaped.....bob would take the car down where is was and he would jump in. Not on this day he ran across the road and was crossing back and a loaded coal truck hit him. He never felt anything.....and he was happy. Now I have my 3 girls (dogs) to take care of.
And I cannot remember most of the year......they call it Fibromyalgia, I am happy that I kept a diary this year. When I see my Dr next Friday I will find out more on it then. I have it all ready in my knees, fingers, elbow, back and shoulder!
So, I will be so happy to see this year gone! Good-bye 2011 and HELLO to a better YEAR! I hope for a better year!

Thank you for reading this and my rambling! And HAPPY NEW YEAR TO EVERYONE!

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