Sunday, March 25, 2012

A rainy & cool day in WV

All it did was rain most of the today. Bob & I went shopping in Man to get a few things for the house.
I did not find 1 item that I have been looking for 3 weeks to finish up a birthday gift. So, I do not know what or how I am going to make it.

It was damp and cool here....the dogwoods are blooming and we are under a freeze warning for Monday night and morning. Last week it was hot--like summer and now it's going to be cold for a day! I am hoping that it kills some of the bugs and maybe the snakes want go back under ground to stay warm! We have already had a few snakes around our house.

I am almost finish with my niece's crochet ripple afghan that is getting VERY HEAVY because i am using 3 strands of yarn. I will have it done in a couple of days...thank goodness then I will return to work on my sister's corn cob stitch afghan. 

I have not been sleeping very good. Only a few hours a night. Tomorrow hubby is getting up at 5 am....I am tempted to sleep on the couch that way I will not bother him. He has had a migraine all day.

So, tomorrow night i will be bringing back in all of my pots including my strawberry pot that Bob got me when we were in NC a few weeks ago. Then I will be covering up my bulbs and etc that are in my flower beds.

well, that's it for today!

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