Monday, January 24, 2011

it was a long weekend

I will be so dang happy when our room mate Weasel finds his own place or just move some where! He drinks from Saturday night until Sunday night! He does not think that he is drunk, but drunk to is......slur talking, walking around in circles, stubbling when he walks, messing up my kitchen after I clean it up, and going out to our neighbors bothering them! I tried to stay in the bedroom which I did until Bob came home from working on some trucks!

I will be so glad to go to a NEW doctor on Thursday! I might have to start all over, but at least I don't have to call at 8 am that morning to get an appointment!!!!!! Now I have to write everything down that I have had in surgeries and problems health wise! NOT MENTALLY!!! LOL

Has anyone watched the new cake baker on TLC? It's been on all day and the last show is tonight at 9 pm

Have a great week!

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