Monday, January 31, 2011

Our day/night AWAY

Bob and I went away to Chief Logan State Park Lodge- where Bob & I would like to renew our vows in September. We will be together for 20 years. I have never had a wedding....that's my dream anyway and it would be something else for me to mark off my bucket list! LOL

While there we went swimming in a heated pool....I did 7 laps! I can tell that I smoke and I don't excerise like I am suppose to.....or it is just old age? LOL

Then we sat in a 98 degress HOT tub! I let the jets hit me right on the part of my back that gives me A LOT of pain! It felt so good just to be away for just a day! =) But I did miss my kids and my puppies! NOT our room mate!

We drove through the country trying to find a piece of property to buy to build a home onto! WE WANT OUR OWN PLACE! NO LUCK =(

We went to our dr this am......he is helping me try to file for my disability and Bob is going blind in his 1 eye
from the temple problem that he has...GOING to WVU Friday am to a specaillist to try to save it! so Please PRAY for him!

Weasel, our room mate is home sick from work tonight....I have a feeling that he is going to have to quit drinking beer! His stomach is burning and he's running a slight fever! MEN an be such BIG BABIES!! LOL

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