Thursday, March 24, 2011

It's been a good and a bad week for me

Good- Weasel got laid off so he is moving a little camper that we will be living in with is dog Angel! ( I will miss him) because weasel will not be giving him his medicine! He is suppose to be back some time today and pack and pick up his check! Everyone of our neighbors are thrilled that he is moving!!!!

At least then we can have guest over and not have them sleep on the couches!!!! LOL

Bad- I keep picking up the phone to talk to my dad! I have so many questions to ask him that I did not get a chance to ask when he was alive! I just want to talk to him one last time!

THE BRISTOL RACE- was BORING as HE##! and of course Kyle Busch won it again! We had 4 teenage girls with us, too! Bob's boss bought the tickets so all we had to pay for was a had a HOT TUB in it! I could have stayed in it! Bob and I was celebrating our 29th anns, because we buried my dad on the 21st of February!

On sunday we took the back roads to get home because we knew that weasel would be drunk and of course he was! Then he wonders why his stomach is messed up all of the time! Where's his SIGN!!!