Thursday, March 3, 2011

I am okay.......

as far as I can be.....I mis my dad dearly and we were just starting a real relationship! In may Bonnie and I sat Dad down and told him this, " WE ARE TIRED OF YOU PITTING US AGAINST EACH OTHER AND WE AIN'T HAVING IT ANYMORE!!"  Miriam sat there and ageed with us....and dad with a funny look on his face said, " OKAY!" he  would call both of us on monday if we did not call him on sunday! it was nice! and I will dearly miss that!!!

I have completed my t-shirt rag rug pictures to follow cause I am using it for my side of the bed! LOL

Not reading anything right now just trying to get balanced out on my medicines and see where that goes!

I am keeping in touch with Miriam......and her girls! we all miss dad in different ways and someone is always there with Miriam! which is good!

enough for now!
not completely finished picture! post one later if this old lady can remember! LOL

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