Sunday, February 6, 2011


why does some people have to hurt someone that was only trying to help and love a child.....Tim & Andrea would make GREAT parents and someday they will! But for now so,e people just need to think before they post something on facebook! Key word THINK!

I have kept my nose out of it and my mouth shut because that's what I thought that I should do....but when "NEW" God parents was posted I said that's it...I HAVE HAD ENOUGH!!!

I love my kids all of them not just my sons but their wives too! I am so damn tored of them getting hurt by someone being stupid and NOT knowing the true meaning!!!!

well, I was having a GREAT weekend! LOL


  1. Thanks ma, I was having a great weekend too.. so much for that lol. Love you!

  2. I agree they don't need this junk and it's been going on for far to long we have had our ups and downs but i'm so blessed to have her back in my life again.

  3. sometimes I just think that they are jealous of Tim & Andrea! But they have worked for what they got and it was not handed to them!

    I feel sometimes if they are not happy they're going to make sure no one else either!

  4. that's exactly how it feel's sometimes i'm blessed to have andrea and tim in my life once again. i can't and won't let my family be hurt any longer i stayed quiet like you did candy and it all blew in one huge ball a fire

  5. that seems to be the way things happen with our family, all at once... POW!