Tuesday, February 8, 2011

My Day/Week

It has not been a good day all the way around! I am worried about my niece...she broke her leg a few weeks ago. They did a new x-ray and there is a dark spot in her bone. The dr's think that it is what caused her leg to break! Is it cancer? or what? She is only 18 years old...just starting her life...she finishes high school this year! She is a cheerleader, captain of the volley ball, weight lifting, and softball team!!!

Besides that I am depressed....for what or why? I don't have a idea! I am just so restless and I have been for the last few days! My mind will not stay on 1 thing too damn long! I'm not sleeping soundly and when I do sleep it is a light restless sleep!

Next Wednesday...Bob & I will be driving to Florida to go to the daytona 500 and to see my family! My father is having 2 surgeries...1 on the 17th and the other one n the 18th! My grand father died on the 18th.... 20 years ago!

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