Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sunday was ok until.......

Tim came up with the bright idea to eat at Gatti's.....I wish that he would have just kept that to himself!

All I ate was a salad and dessert.....everyone else a soup-which Andrea liked it, Tim ate a couple of bites out of a piece of pizza and he left to play games, Bob ate a few pieces and we were ready to leave!

This place is worse than ChiChi's Pizza at least you had more selection! IWILL NOT BE BACK TO THAT TERRIBLE PLACE AGAIN!

Bob and I stopped at hardees to get something better to eat!


  1. Yeah that was not a good idea from Tim lol. I'm eating left overs from last night. lol. That place was horrible, no selection and not good service!

  2. and what pissed me off most was first of that girl at the register talking on the phone and her back to us!