Thursday, February 24, 2011


on the 16th I lost my father....we were never really close until these last few years! He abused me and he said that he was sorry to me in front of Tim. my youngest son! so, I forgave him....but I could not forget!

I talked to him on tuesday night making plans on seeing and spending some time together! well, the next day he was gone! I cry every night that is how much that I miss him!

Last summer we took a trip (dad, Miriam, and I) to Kentucky, Georgia, and North was suppose to be a trip to yellowstone......which he told me that we could not I told him anywhere would be find as long as I got to spend time with him! We went to Mammoth Cave National Park....Our tour was suppose to be 2 hours long but it was 4 1/2 fell not once but 2 times down there on his reconstructed knee! Me no cigs, afraid of closed in we are down 200+ feet below the was cool down there 58! Dad would pull over on the interstate so I could have a cig....this was NOT the DAD that I grew up with!  He showed me how to pan for gold in Ga......and we ate at 2 family style rest.....then in NC Dad got to hold his Great Grandson....he never held my 2 boys! so, this trip means a lot to me and always will! I have never laughed so much as I did that week!!!!

Well, we buried dad beside his mom, dad, and his 3rd wife on monday! I stood up with Bonnie and said a few words about my dad.....then Tim spoke...I was never so proud of him then I was that day! This day was Mine and Bob's 29th wedding anns! I did not mind it being forgotten on that day, but no one has said anything to me or Bob! If I forget a birthday or an anns. I am in for it!

this september I was planning on having a wedding to renew our vows which we have never done....I wanted my father to walk me down the aisle well, that will not be happening!

It is just me and my sister Bonnie now.....she lives in Florida and I live in West Va!Both places has a special meaning to our mom! We have our children but no one left to guide us anymore...........with this I will say......



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  1. i sell coffin and it gave me a different perspective of things... death is trip...